For over 10 years, Modern Media has been focused on consolidating the marketing medium market. Today, our company houses over 6 iconic, local, and effective brands that serve as platforms to help small businesses grow in a cost-effective way.

What We Offer:

A company without a digital strategy is a company stuck in the Stone Age. V2 Local was founded with the intent to build a legitimate and accurate online presence for small businesses without breaking their budget. We utilize industry leading software to analyze, gauge, and optimize your online strategies. From websites to paid media and more, V2 Local will help you to digitally bring people in through the door.
A Columbia classic and our flagship publication, The Add Sheet has been around town for over 45 years. This value-driven publication offers locals access to trustworthy companies providing home and health services, food and automotive discounts, event promotions, and more. Our newly designed Add Sheet's feature glossy covers, perfect binding, and are full color.
Marketplace Magazine dominates Columbia's TOP 80% affluent homes each and every month. Hitting Columbia homes since 2003, this high-value premier publication is a shared every-door-direct-marketing campaign to 40,000 homes and 2,000 businesses. This style allows us to provide consumers with a wide array of content and companies in a printed full-size publication.
More than 12,000 new families move to Columbia each year. New families are generally unaware and underexposed to brands in their area. This publication serves as a catalyst to build relationships and habits with new consumers. Filled with fun and engaging content, this publication is a guide to living in Columbia.
Frequency is king when it comes to marketing. The more you can mention what you do in an engaging and captivating way, the easier it will get engrained in the mind of your consumer. This means your company and message will be readily recallable when they are in the market for your goods or services. With a local/regional reach, 93.1 Jack FM broadcasts a mid-range frequency around Columbia and Booneville, MO allowing your message to reach people in: Ashland, Marshall, Moberly, Mexico, Kingdom City, Jefferson City, Sedalia, and many more towns in-between.
Fueling up your vehicle is a time filled with empty thoughts. We take your message straight to this attentive and captive consumer via 22" audio/video screens on each gas pump at our gas stations in Columbia, Springfield, and Jefferson City. We keep consumers entertained with content from KOMU on Sports, Entertainment, News, and Weather amidst the mix of :15 ads.